Tuesday, February 19, 2008


The ongoing one-day cricket matches between India, Australia, and Sri Lanka have thrown up an interesting pattern. Indian bowlers have been CONSISTENTLY succeeding and the Indian batsmen (batters, as thy say in Australia) have been CONSISTENTLY failing. When we are CONSISTENT in doing something, we get into a rhythm. We become RHTHYMIC…. we become REGULAR... we become also PREDICTABLE and RELIABLE. Hence the following can be taken as the SYNONMS of REGULAR: CONSISTENT RHYTHMIC PREDICTABLE RELIABLE Here are a few old ANTONYM pairs: ARRHYTHYMIC x EXHIBITING REGULARITY PREDICTABLE x ERRATIC RELIABLE x UNDEPENDABLE When something is ERRATIC, it is impossible to PREDICT how it will behave. In the same way when something is EXEMPLARY (perfect, excellent), it is impossible to CRITICIZE it. Hence, ERRATIC: PREDICT EXEMPLARY: CRITICIZE

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